Henri Schindler Talk

The New Orleans Society for Tableau Vivant

invites you to a special talk with


October 7th                                                                                 7pm                                                                                             The Sidearm Gallery                                                             1122 St. Roch Avenue, New Orleans

Please join us for this intimate opportunity to hear Henri Schindler speak on the Golden Age of Mardi Gras – the floats, the tableau balls, the beauty and the excess.

Schindler has made these subjects his life’s work. His seminal book Mardi Gras New Orleans, and his more recent titles devoted to the float designs, invitations, and jewelry of this Golden Age of the old-line Mardi Gras krewes, are a treasure trove of rare images and insights.

Schindler is also amongst the founders of the debauched and delightful St. Anne’s Walking Parade. The New Orleans Society for Tableau Vivant is honored to host this FREE event.

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